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Very interesting on the advantages of online and offline working together. Will be fascinating to see how this plays out in the UK as well.


Don't sign any contract with these people. It's simply a rip-off. If you are fat or chubby, then you get maybe the right woman, but if you are intelligent and attractive, forget it.

They promise you everything it takes, thus you sign and PAY. Then you get nothing for that.

The company changed name, it was called "The Right One" before. Now it's called "The Ideal Match" ... but it's the same people, same tricks.

They had many law suits against them regarding "The Right One", and therefore they decided to change name. Maybe they changed their contracts as well, thus it will be even harder for you to fight at the court to get your money back.

Check following websites for more information:

You can also search the web for "The Right One", "KAM Management", "eLove", etc. .... same scam. It's all run by the same owners.


Have to agree with the above post. These dating companies are a big scam. I went to one of the 'interviews' and even signed a contract. After I signed the contract there were more things to sign and the salesman (not really a counselor or match maker) would not accept my criteria of age range, ethnicity, and distance...this is all after my credit card went through. I've accepted that I was scammed and am working on getting some of my money back.

I should have searched the internet for complaints before hand. Complaints are pretty consistent and it looks like many people are trying to get a class action lawsuit together.

My 'counselor' was full of lies and probably should rethink his facebook page...too funny. He also came across as a racist because when I said I would date and African-American he wouldn't check the box and then after I got him to check it he said "we don't have black people anyway."

Nice outfit!

Michael Comberiate

I totally agree that the company now called "elove" is a rip-off scam. The interviewer has all the right promises but she is not the matchmaker. The matchmaker is not even using all the criteria that you laid out in detail with the interviewer. Hence, you continually get "matches" who do not even match your basic criteria like Height.
I'm a 64 year old guy who is physically more like 44. However, most woman I would like to date, who I think could keep up with me, would reject the idea based solely on the age difference. Hence, I felt that an intermediate matchmaker would make the case from me and overcome what would be a faulty pre-conceived notion. That is why it was to be worth paying tens times more than any other on-line dating service would charge. However, this is just a scam and all you are going to get is random matches not even as good as those you would pick yourself on "". Then they totally refuse to refund your money in spite of their breach of contract. To them,all they have to do after you sign the contract, is to give you 9 names and they're done. Your criteria have nothing to do with it. They told me what I already knew, ie that women around 50 will naturally think a guy 64 is too old. So even if my case were as different as I feel it is, they are not able to do what they promised. Still they want to keep my money. If there is any class action suit against this Scam then count me in.

I am interested in this class action. How may I contact you?

Debra Hobbs

Rip-Off is a complete understatement. I support every post that highlights the FRAUDULENT practices of this company !!!! Count me in for a class action lawsuit, please.

Beverly Bruno

eLove is totally phoney. The interviewer scams and spins this fantasy and tells you how she met her love on eLove. I now highly doubt that. The "matchmaker" has never met me, has no clue what would actually be a match for me. My personality or what i am like to really talk with one on one. She is working off of a candid picture, no makeup, messy hair, etc. i hve trid to mke n ppointmnt to meet her. in almost a year there have been two "matches" that have absolutely nothing in common with me physically, emotionally, intellectually or with interests. In fairness, i was on hold for four monts due to illness. i have been back since January. so far one man -- no teeth, crumpled clothes and a WILD white untrimmed flying beard. This "match" nd 10 minute meet cost me $500. Calls to the counselor are met with arrogance, lies and stalls. Requests for my money back are met with threats of freezing my account if I attempt to go public or talk to an attorney and still not returning my money. She is the (mis)manager. eLove is the biggest farce and ripoff. BEWARE!!!


Alicia Hardisky

I paid good money for this "service". Now the terms of my contract have not been met but they are refusing to respond to my calls and emails. How can I sue? Will it do any good to report them - again - to the Better Business Bureau?

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