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Sam Moorcroft,

Re: "When was the last time you pushed out an email to your users that showed that your idating company is staffed by real people? "

Umm, we do this every day. Have done for the last 11.5 years we've been online.

Who doesn't send personalized emails to their members?


I like the idea of focusing on events, and it gets rid of the awkwardness of finding the right person and then planning a date. In some ways, the event is more fun despite of whoever the date may be, and a shared-experience would increase attraction. But on the flip side, since the site has more women, are these women interested in going to events because of safety (and avoiding creeps) or do they want a richer man who can afford fancy dates? Probably a little of both, since women are more driven by what a man can do/share with her. But it forces the Men to think more about planning and going on dates, instead of being lazy and just thinking about "one" thing.

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