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Elaine Waldbott

I am writing on behalf of an inventor, Marvin Frekel. He recently issued a US Patent that enables any one to spend cash on the web anonymously.

Please contact me for a copy of the patent and flow chart.

Thank you for your interest.
Elaine Waldbott
[email protected]


You guys are a great company as a good number of my clients use your services. I would just like to add that as a QSA, I can tell you that the two most challenging aspects of PCI compliance are (1). Determining which of the Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ) to use (they seem to keep adding more!) and (2) developing all the mandated information security and operational policies and procedures for PCI compliance. With the introduction of SAQ A-EP, the laundry list of SAQ documents keeps getting longer and complex. Additionally, if you look at the actual PCI standards, there’s literally dozens of mandated policies and procedures that must be in place for both merchants and service providers. Luckily, you can find free and cost-effective templates online for download. And don’t forget that security awareness training is also mandated, which is highly essential for not just compliance with PCI, but from an information security best practices perspective.

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