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Hi all,

I am one of the developers of Snapper, thanks for including us on the blog! Below I have written some more thoughts on why Snapper is a good option for dating platforms. Tweet us on if you have any queries.

All the best,
@mr_mcd - [email protected] -

- Snapper in addition to facebook import & upload photo
I think between uploading a photo, taking a photo and importing a photo from facebook you would have the Holy Trinity of user profile picture features! We've found when talking to White Label Dating that users were often creating profiles on PCs at work and didn't have access to their digital photos or were unsure how to crop from a group shot to create a primary profile picture.

A lot of users did not really have a relevant recent photo, just of themselves with a nice expression so a picture had to be created especially for the dating profile, often at a later time after the initial site registration. The type of photo that works for dating sites is ideal for a webcam and means the user could complete their profile more quickly which helps to reduce drop off rates.

- User validation
Another issue we discovered was that users were often uploading photos that were somewhat out of date and misleading. This was causing mistrust of the system amongst a significant portion of the community. To help combat this we added a date stamp to each Snap so users could tell when it was taken. Obviously a webcam photo taken on the website also increases the chance that the picture is actually of the user at all!

russian lady

Very handy program. Recommend it to everybody.

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