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Mark Brooks

And most of them are on Facebook talking to their grandchildren.

Kerry Gray

This age group has been largely ignored on many websites; an unmined gold mine
for the www.

Regan Marye

I know some people at that age range who use Facebook to connect with the people they love. My boyfriend's uncle and aunt use the web to talk to their loved ones abroad and to their long lost relatives in Jacksonville. And they plan of hosting a family gathering to catch up for the lost time. It has been long indeed, since they last talked to each other. It would be so great to be on each other's company again - reminiscing.

thai dating

really true, I had an aunt who frequents facebook all the time, want's to upload photos and such...lol

Glenn Evans

So true! Even my old folks are now very hooked on social sites, talking to their old peers, and long lost friends, and stuff. But I think it also gives them some sort of therapy; some sort of energy when they talk to each other. You know going back, reminiscing on their youthful days; things like that.

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