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Irena Brooks

5. Get a really fast motorbike and go for a fast ride round a small island (like Malta) once a week. :-)
....that's not a tip for happy marriage but a tip for happy husband:)

Mark Brooks

Trust is paramount in a marriage.

Now you trust me at 90mph with nothing but my ass to hold onto. Isn't this good for our relationship? :-)

Kerry Gray

Yawl are too funny. And if you have a date night once a week with
two babies in the house, yawl are also a True Miracle From God.

GiddyUp, from Austin, Texas.

Saïd Amin

ha! boys like their toys =)


All I know is the stat 68% men is probably fictitous and is more likely closer to 85% men.No I can't prove it and I can assure you neither will they nor can they prove who's actually MARRIED on the site or who's single and looking for vulnerable,miserable,stuck in bad marriage people(women) that will have no strings attatched sex. How many men would sign up to a site that is proven to have 85% men? Most women that are unhappily married and have kids don't even have time for their families let alone an affair,so they'd be a lot less likely to be on the site.

You know the stat we never hear about AM?How many men sign up and never meet anyone for the 60 bucks a month or whatever it costs.Just like on a regular site I'm sure only the hottest high status guys achieve any success on AM.

Glenn G. Millar

Mark, I'm guessing that the secret to your happy marriage is patience . . . mostly hers. ;)

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