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The RPG genre has always had a dating potential, I've heard many couples formed from World of Warcraft. I predict this will do really well. The trouble with traditional online dating and real world dating, is that people don't have time to sift through the e-mails and develop relationships in a normal manner. The RPG gaming world is ideal for communicating in a stress free environment and forming relationships.

Kerry Gray

This HAS to be the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Who in the world has this kind of time? Who in their right mind would put so much energy into fake profiles, only to discover they have been chatting/wasting their time on incompatible people? It is hard enough to find true love online for the average man or woman. I have written profiles professionally and matched many people, and have three marriages to my credit. I do that by writing sparkling smart profiles, being completely honest, and narrowing down the specific criteria that one is looking for in a mate. THEN only spending time pursuing people with those qualities, and that includes physical, mental, emotional and financial. EVERY person you ever dreamed of is online, and you can find exactly the person you want, but wasting time on fake people is NOT the way to do it! If you are really looking for love, hire me to write your profile and manage your mail. I am way more affordable than wasting your time on something this silly, and I have the success stories to prove it. Kerry L Gray, the Love Doctor for ddhg. [email protected]

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