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I find it humorous that the company being [rumored] sued in a class action lawsuit for "deceptive billing practices" is giving a talk on subscription billing....

Mark Brooks is stepping up the level of class.

Anne Holland

Note: Apple apps are billed through Apple who then send the publisher revenues on a weekly basis. In fact, Apple won't even provide the publisher with buyer contact info unless the buyer proactively requests it. And, of course Apple has rules and regs for offers made by publishers which one must adhere to. SpeedDate will be focusing on their experiences on working with Apple - as well as Google -- in this Webinar and we anticipate they'll have plenty of valuable lessons for everyone.


Dear Nick,

At SpeedDate.com, we aren't aware of any such lawsuit. If you've had a billing challenge, or have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] ATTN Hannah. In addition, our terms and conditions are displayed prominently on our sign up page, and on our site. You can view them here: http://www.speeddate.com/index.php?page=site&action=terms_of_use#index.php?page=site&action=terms_of_use

Thank you, Hannah @ SpeedDate

Anne Holland

SpeedDate has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since January 2009 and have a A rating. Their level of consumer complaintsappear to be within industry standards.

Gerry Lars

Hannah, Speeddate.com carries out unethical business practices. You are fully aware of that, yet continue to work for them. Good luck to you.

By the way, your terms and conditions are not made obvious at all, unless you dig deep within the website, which most users will not do.
Emails from fake contacts to new users is yet another shady business practice.

Don't even speak about ethical business practices to me. You're no better than the unscrupulous founding members of this website.

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