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Mark Brooks

I worked with Jonathan Abrams when he started Friendster in 2003. At that time there was a service named DateMyFriend that was doing well in San Francisco, running parties with Friend-of-friends groups. A great idea.

Students want to date other students. DateMySchool works beautifully to assure students that they can date from within a pool or their peers.


Its funny how a simple idea can blossom into a potentially very big community site. DMS can potentially take on both Match and Facebook. First, it must find enough willing singles of college age (more casual) and grad school (more marriage minded). Match has added college attended as an option. Facebook/mySpace has always served as a way to date casually and find singles at your school, although not as easy. eHarmony should probably make college a central point in their profiles as well, since women like to marry educated/rich men.

There is a ceiling for the DatemySchool community, which is that married and committed couples will not use the site. But there is still a large potential marketing vehicle for all singles 25 and under. It will be interesting to see how high revenues can get. OKcupid seemed to survive as a mostly free service.

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