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So after two weeks on the site I did a battery of tests to see where it ranked. How honest are the mods and how honest was the site. What I found was exactly what I had feared. So I chose the topy 30 some odd men and cross referenced them all. Only to find the top 5 guys that are the most active just so happen to have photos linked to other people, celebs and facebook accounts not to them.
So I dug deeper on their screen names they gave me, ran those too. What I found was they were all on other dating sites but again diff locations and names making me wonder what exactly was going on.
A new dating site is not an easy task in fact to get a few thousand ppl is downright hard so you need attractive ppl to interact with as many members as possible to keep them coming on, ref friends and so on.
When I gave the mods as well as the site a list of these users they came up with a handful of sad exuses why they wouldn’t remove them. Instead 3hrs later they removed a womans whos profile had no connection to my reporting/findings. In two weeks on bneing on the site not once did I see them “remove a member for having a fake profile” Nonetheless in closing is this site fake? No, its real. But I would wager 75% of the very attractive ppl on it are paid employees interacting with you to just keep you here.


I met a man through
and I married him.
He turned out to be a psychopathic, law suite addict and tax fraudulent. I am going through a dramatic divorce where he sued me left right and center in three countries ... He just want to put me down and get out of the marriage at his conditions. I lost my job, I am in huge debts because of lawyers...I can not see any future for me. Hate the day I signed in that website

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