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Those unique visitors numbers are a shot in the dark. Show me some accurate metrics that actually mean something and Twoo is worth discussing. Is it a rebranded site? How long has it been in business at the same url? What is the bounce rate? What lead to the 1,000 % increase? 2/3 of all members are active? Hmm...

Hi David,

Twoo isn't a rebranded site and is only live since may 2012. Bounce rate is around 20%, and we believe that our good product, nice design, smart choices & Rockstar team make it a huge success. I can't give you more insights publicly but always interested in a chat if you contact me. As you know on compete & alexa you have some indicative numbers too.
[email protected]



I guess you mean 2011?
Also, twoo is more or less a complete copy of wouldnt you say? I emailed you guys and wanted to be an affiliate, after talking to 3 different people in your support team, no one knew what an "affiliate" was. Doesnt sound too much rockstar team to me.



Hi Don,
Thx for correcting me... I mean 2011 of course. It would surprise me if we never answered your affiliate questions.. moderators pass those questions to the person in charge. He must have answered you, if not.. let me know, [email protected]. Are you still interested?


Sorry, I cannot believe is good based on this chart above!
Dating sites? And the websites are not mentioned??
Tried POF and it was boring and little action. And Twoo is rated below it?? It would probably be a waste of time... but still I search for good other dating sites.

Just a Girl, looking for a Boy.

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