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Mark Brooks

The gay dating market niche is desirable because gay members recur for longer periods. They stick around. Avalanche is going after this niche, but its owned by Manhunt and Adam4Adam at present. (Full Disclosure: Manhunt is a client of Courtland Brooks. was a prior client.)


I signed up to and realized I'd made a mistake for personal reasons. I asked the company to shut down my profile and they have sent me in circles. They REFUSE to refund me any amount of money even a prorated amount for the two days I was signed up. I called and emailed and the lady I talked to was not only rude with loud music in the background, she hung up on me after I demanded to speak with someone else. This company tricks you! No wonder they're "profitable". I'd like to contact Meir Strahlberg and his business partner Kris Covino to tell them that I am going to spread the word as LOUD as I can that I am disappointed and disgusted with the service and the trickery they have put me through!

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