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Shruti Seo

Emil you are associated with SOD Technologies, check out the attrition level with that company and hw gud is the crisis mananagement. they do local project for petty money with premature guys. a company tht focuz on localized project. hv u ever check hw many ppl r regular in maintaining yr project

John Soars

I'm seriously unhappy that I decided to go ahead and purchase SkaDate Scam Script EVEN AFTER reading all these terrible ratings. I am not one to be deterred by random disgruntled customer/black pr... thought since the "pre-sale" customer service was so good that I'd go ahead and buy it. anyway long story short - a day into buying the product i've already come across a hurdle. installation didn't go through all the way (they blamed it on the hosting company - although i know from past experience and a quick call to my hosting company that it wasn't a problem with hosting).
they are so quick and dismissive once teh sale was done. Now i'm scrambling for help in the forum - trying to figure out all this problem with my site crashing randomly. I have NO CLUE and no help certainly...
and the best part... when i ask for help through the support system - i get offered the wonderful $95/month plan to pay for support... YEAH RIGHT!! i pay for a product i cannot even customize even though they say it can be! moment you step into the backend to customize css, everything falls apart and no documentation to help us out!
This is beyond illegal to scam customers into buying a bugged-out software, with very little to no support (and limited "unique" templates) and then have them scurrying to pay more just to fix YOUR software... we are the customers, we shouldn't be fixing your errors. So if you cannot guarantee a bug-free product - then DON'T charge us for support!!!!
I SINCERELY learned my lesson (although it cost me a grand $400 USD). Never buy from a company with real bad PR... there's truth behind it (after all it cannot all be "fake comments")
and by the way, before you step on this message board telling me to come forward. I'd be glad to.. except i dont' plan on releasing my personal information on the web. simply contact me (I'm unfortunately still stuck being your customer til I find a more reliable software). So reply back to me if you have a remedy for this ridiculous situation! Skadate Scam Script has a lot of complaints all around the web. Try googling Skadate complaints. Report to if you have your own complaint.

Zima Sanfilippo

Hi Shruti,

Yes, we've received several customer complaints about SOD Tech and raised the issue with the company's management. For a while now we are keeping close attention to the operation and communication aspects to insure better client satisfaction.

To further improve the situation, we are becoming increasingly more engaged in customization and app projects that were handled by our partners. At present we are working on our own in-house app and a new software version, which will allow us dealing with similar issues directly and more competently.

In the interim period, do contact us us directly if you encounter any problems with projects handled by Skalfa partners - we'll do everything possible to resolve all issues in the best way possible asap.

Zima Sanfilippo

I am Zima, the new Product Manager for SkaDate, and even though this “testimonial” is quite old, I think it is my duty to address the issues described here, it’s just very unfortunate this came to my attention this late. I am, however, not sure it was a good idea to request the company to reply to you here while not giving your name. This is likely why this post was ignored for so long, since it is impossible to track the real situation through the system. Nevertheless...

Let’s start with the installation. We do dozens of them daily and while the vast majority of them proceed smoothly, occasional hiccups do happen - there’s just no way around it. Obviously even the most expensive and lauded of software solutions are not protected against it. There are tons of reasons why this can happen, and if our support team said it was due to hosting - it likely was. The software is what it is - the same copy runs on our demo page, so if it’s working there, the problem is not with the script. We have a list of quite mild system requirements (including for the hosting), and in case everything is compatible, there will be no problems with the installation whatsoever. Nevertheless, even if some issues arise, we are always on hand to work it out and resolve it, especially at such an early stage.

Moving on - I am honestly baffled as to why a new client would appeal to a customer forum for help at this early stage, instead of requesting us to just install the software for them and insure everything is set up properly. Especially since the installation is always free with the purchase. Installing the script on their own is totally the client’s own choice.

The claim that the client was offered paid support at this stage is simply not true. A free month of free support ticket system is ALWAYS included in the license purchase deal. It’s not like we switch it on and off - it’s automatic. When customers buy a license and install the software, they immediately get a month of free support. This is done specifically to make sure clients have enough time to learn the script and set up their websites the way they want it. Paid support is completely optional and kicks-in only a month later. We honestly believe this is quite reasonable - a month is usually more than enough to properly get a website up and running. The later support that we provide typically deals with customization issues.

On to the limited unique templates. I honestly don’t understand what is the problem here. There are almost 50 unique templates that are provided to the clients for free. Note that we are not talking about dozens of the same templates that only vary in color. All of them are individually designed to satisfy various needs and niches. Many have been drawn at specific client requests. Moreover these options are not hidden - all templates can be seen on the site openly before the purchase. Custom templates can be ordered from us or our partners at request.

Finally, I feel I need to address the ‘numerous complaints’ point. True, there are negative reviews across the web, but more often than not, they are word-for-word repostings or rephrasing of the same old claims under different names. I’m not saying all negative reviews are fake, but all of the real ones have been addressed and resolved. Luckily, for every negative review, there is a positive one. And I hope we all could live to see the day when a software company, big or small, could brag about having no complaints, criticism or negative reviews.

It is not in our interest to lose clients or multiply unhappy ones. SkaDate is real software, we are on the market for ten years already, have several iDate nominations under our belt, industry professionals communicate with us regularly, we have a portfolio of dozens of operational, successful and profitable sites running on our script. What is in our interest is to continue developing an affordable and accessible business solution. The choice is ultimately yours. If you believe that a budget software for under $500 wont solve your needs (script or support wise), there is always a freelance development route. The costs will likely run into thousands, and the support is not always guaranteed, but at least you’ll have no one to blame for missteps.

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