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Mark Brooks

Dr Eli Finkel spoke at the January Internet Dating Conference in Miami, on a panel that included Sam Yagan, CEO/Founder of okCupid which was recently acquired by Fireworks ensued. It was a fascinating exchange, with numerous disagreements. Dr Finkel argues that its not science if the algorithms aren't revealed. But this seems a little unfair to me. Matching algorithms shouldn't be revealed. They're the secret sauce of dating sites. But I see his point. More of academia needs to be involved in the study and development of these algorithms.

Fernando de Argentina

"Matching algorithms shouldn't be revealed. They're the secret sauce of dating sites."
but sites like Chemistry, eHarmony/eDarling, True, PerfectMatch, PlentyOfFish Chemistry Predictor, Parship, Be2, MeeticAffinity, etc. SHOULD HAD PUBLISHED their findings -without revealing proprietary information- in a peer reviewed Scientific Paper for public and Academic scrutiny to see if the output of those matching algorithms can match prospective partners who will have more stable and satisfying relationships -and very low divorce rates- than couples matched by chance, astrological destiny, personal preferences, searching on one's own, or other technique as the control group.

Drs. Houran and Lange had debunked MatchMatrix (an stupidity based on modified biorhythms) using the above technique. The paper was published in Online Personals Watch (this blog) last March 25th 2010.

If any online dating site offering compatibility matching methods can not sustain / substantiate its claims in a peer reviewed Scientific Paper for public and Academic scrutiny of their findings, it is performing as Patent Medicine.

Patent Medicine Started the Pharmaceutical Industry in the USA.
Patent medicines were preparations that often contained various ingredients such as opium and alcohol and claimed to cure many if not all diseases. Early drug manufacturers made their own formulations and marketed them under a variety of names. Very early patent medicines were often called "Cures" because they claimed to cure many if not all diseases. Eventually the U.S. government stepped in and forced the wording change from "Cure" to "Remedy". This was to bring a level of honesty into the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists or Doctors would set up a small building with tablet machines or ointment mills and began manufacturing their drugs. This went on without any interference from any government agency. One could make any claim and engage in drug making without any credentials. Eventually, the federal government began to restrict the manufacture of these drugs. Slowly at first. With time the growing pharmaceutical companies were required to prove the safety of their drugs but not efficacy. But by the 1960's efficacy as well as safety were be shown for a drug to remain on the market.


I really don't think any of these service offer the same experience as meeting someone face to face for the first time. Most women make their decision online by looking just at your pictures. I have seen this happen with my sister and all her friends. You really can't describe a person with just a few test and a wall of text b/c you need to experience this being first hand.


Face to face dating is much more exciting and workable. But in time you are too busy to go out, maybe its not a bad idea to find someone in the net

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