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"Throw out the checklist" is the lament of a man who can't get as many dates as he wants because "women are too picky." Women are supposed to be picky. We generally want stable relationships with men we can raise families with. Ethnic and cultural differences don't matter as much in a one night stand as they do in trying to make a long term relationship work between 2 people who have very different ideas about religion, gender roles, etc. Maybe it's not about "sex" and "chemistry" but about long-term compatibility for a viable future together. Stop calling women racist when (most) women are simply being suitably picky.


Women should be picky and have a right for protection, harassment, and safety reasons. Women certainly have the advantage in online dating, and for beautiful women, it usually is not difficult to find what they want in a husband. But the checklist for Mr Perfect comes into play when a woman cannot land the husband of her dreams. Men are smart, worldly, risk takers who are open minded about meeting new and different people from different backgrounds. Women are sheltered, socially and academically, and expected to be housewives and mothers reliant on a husband to provide for much of their lifestyle. In America at least, Asians and Indians are generally well-educated and higher earning. I think its just a lack of exposure in real life to different cultures and races that creates racism than anything else.

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Ethnicity and culture will surely affect a relationship however it will always depend on the two person involve. Even a couple with the same culture sometimes have the same problem. So, the culture yes will surely affects but could never be a basis of having a partner ethnicity preferences. Check this out

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