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Fernando de Argentina

FBI will soon investigate is some white label dating companies could be laundering money. Stay tuned!
Regards, Fernando

Sam Moorcroft,

Ferdy, was 9/11 an inside job?


"live statistics" if a dramatic claim, there is just a bit of javascript that ticks the numbers up on a scheduled basis (e.g. by x every y seconds). If they can be so "creative" on their corporate site it worries me about their ethics on the customer facing ones.

Fernando - I know Argentineans and Brits aren't getting on terribly well at present thanks to some colonialist history, but please try not to be so libellous in public. Your comments are absolutely false and just give those who mock in public more ammunition. Which one wouldn't want of course.

Sarah - they're reset at midnight each day and increase according to algorithms. At any second of the day they're over 99.9% accurate compared to the actual database. We'll soon be increasing this to show where the new members are joining around the world, with a new member every 4 seconds.

And I'd be happy to give you (or anyone) a tour of our offices if you've any concerns about dating companies - we invest more in customer care than any other dating business as Mark can attest.



Sam Moorcroft,

Ross, you touched on something in your first sentence that I think is at least tangentially relevant. I just got back from a month in Brazil. Can someone pls explain to this Canadian the absolute obsession Argentinians have with the Falklands? It went back and forth between the different powers of the day in the early 19th century and Britain ended up with it from around 1833 onwards.

It is a barren hunk of rocks (with possibly oil of some kind found recently), yet Argentina has been obsessing over it for the past 180-odd years. There is nothing Argentinian about it, other than relative proximity geographically.

It only has Brits on it and has had since the 1830's. None of them want alien sovereignty, esp. from a basket-case country that has nothing in common with them and that can't get its own act together - and is once again using this as a diversion tactic (as they did in 1982).

Besides the useful Hollywood and rock star idiots chiming in (think: Sean Penn and Roger Waters), why don't the Argentinians actually do something positive, like get their economy in order, and let this obsession go?

The entire nation needs counselling - as I have made the case here and elsewhere for our friend Fernando. Please. We beg of you.

Sam - you're a well travelled, intelligent man ;)

It's simply a vote winner - the bit that's not always conveyed in the media is that all the residents want to remain British which is the only reason UK tax payers are paying for the military to protect it.

Yes, it's part of colonial history after the Brits got it in the 1830s, but Argentina only gained it's own constitution from Spain in the 1850s. So really at the time Brits colonised the islands it was Spain who had the rightful claim to it. So maybe Spain should be picking a fight - however they're too busy focussing on sorting out their own economy rather than sabre rattling.

It's a similar situation to Guam, Guantanamo, etc.

So yes, it's all a bit silly really.

Online Personals Watch - Dating, History and Politics all in one :)

Sam Moorcroft,

Why thank you, Ross, for the compliment. Argentina's leaders do sabre rattle when trying to distract their populace, but it is more than that. They obsess about it constantly and have done so for 180 years or so. I just don't get it.

As for Spain, they'd rather have Gibraltar, actually - they could care less about the Falklands:)

I'm actually a Brit (by birth and heritage), as well as Cdn, but Northern Irish, not English - big difference (as I am sure my Scottish and esp. Welsh friends would agree).

And, NI has its own share of problems - one of the reasons I am happy to have been reared in Canada! Life's too short for all these conflicts, I say.

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