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Mark Brooks

Just to play devils advocate here...what happens to sex offenders when they 'recover' and are unable to find a bonafide sexual partner? Has anyone done a study on their re-offense rates? Even sex offenders deserver a 2nd chance. If they're cut off from society and unable to resume normal relationships, then I can't imagine that's entirely healthy for society.


There needs to be a rationale policy on this... What I mean is I believe these restrictions should be limited to those sex offenders under community supervision (probation, parole, etc.) The reason being they are required to be under supervision (with treatment) and monitoring, which includes computer searches and/or installing computer monitoring. These gaming system are unique in that they can only be searched. There is no monitoring software at present that can be used by officers. As a result, monitoring software installed on a desk top/lap top or mobile phone, can be bypassed rather easily just by using a gaming device. This is about increasing the cost for non-complaince. Additionally, it provides another tool to catch someone violating a less serious opposed to abusing a child. I would much rather sanction a supervised sex offender for playing on a gaming platform, which might mean more treatment..more jail time, more supervision...than to have to send them back to prison for molesting a child. It is about managing the risk posed by these offenders. Drug use is a good example of this. We have offenders who use drugs and than commit very serious crimes. We try to catch them using and provide treatment before they do kills someone. Do we catch all of them under supervision using drugs? Of course not. But to do nothing until something happens is not protecting the commmunity. Finally, I would also like to see these prohibitions only applied to those under correctional supervision. After they complete their sentence, which has to include treatment, they should be free to do legally what they wish. They are taking a chance though if they associate with kids or child porngraphers online that they will recividate, but that is their choice, and they should expect the result...a very long prison sentence. I would think it would be very reasonable to enact laws that enhance sentences for those repeat offenders, who use any computer to abuse a child (the federal system does that now pretty much). I am kind of amazed that we some how should feel story for a supervised sex offender who can't get on gaming platform. Where are the folks arguing that they should be allowed to go to the local playground and get on the swings? Additionally, some of these games have themes that would be counter to attempts a treatment, such as rape, sexual abuse, etc. Gaming systems pose a unique risk to the community and to the successful effort to treatment sex offenders. Those sex offenders under community supervision should find another venue for keeping themselves treatment, getting a job, etc. For those interested in how managing the risk posed computer use works, check out

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