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Fernando Ardenghi

Other article says eHarmony had refused to acquire the rest of Darling due to high losses. Remember eDarling is eHarmony "rebranded" in several countries including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey and others. As per its infographic: Success rate is less than 10%, performing as placebo. Moreover eDarling is/will be under fraud investigation in many countries where it operates.

here is the full article http://www.focus.de/digital/internet/netzoekonomie-blog/partnerboersen-samwer-brueder-scheitern-mit-verkauf-von-edarling_aid_751463.htm


Spend a lot of ad dollars so revenue looks good, thats easy. Running at a loss for years and years is a clear indicator of dating sites that don't really care about anything but making money. I love cash flow positive dating businesses, a few rare and very smart people out there doing that. These loss leaders make up too much of the industry.

Dating boom is clearly over for the majority of the industry, we're seeing this in quarterly financials all the time now except a few players like Match, which continue to eat up market share through acquisitions and ad spend optimization. From now on, only the smart will thrive. Thats why I'm cautious about mobile and social dating. Mobile is a good access channel (once you get them to pay a sub via the web to see the value prop), but revenue is tiny and standalone mobile is interesting to watch but isn't really going anywhere yet.

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