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Mark are you sure about the "Former" CMO bit? Is this public knowledge yet?

Is there any stats on how many C-level execs they've gone through over the last couple of years?

Mark Brooks

Yes. They just went through 5 C levels. They're hiring again for their 'growth team.' They have lofty growth targets.


Crunchbase lists a lot of former employees and C Level Execs for Badoo -

Bart Swanson

Lothar Eckstein
Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica Powell
Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew Woolf
VP Mobile

Lloyd Price
Director of Marketing

James Collier
Director of Advertising

Ed Heale
Director of Business Development

Gerry Haag
VP Operations

John Flynn
VP Customer Service

Alan Vanstone
Director of Product

Alex Davids
Legal Counsel

Kirsty Ward
Executive Assistant

Eugene Ciurana
VP Technology

Jude Farrell
Consumer Marketing Manager

Colum Kelly
SEO Manager

Alice Bonasio
PR Manager


Hey Mark

So is it fair to assume that Jessica Powell doesn't work at Badoo anymore? If so that would have been a very short stint!
Any news on the nature of her departure? Why she left?
Also would be keen to know why the other c level exec's left a company than is 'supposedly' a rapidly growing company?
Badoo it appears is built on cyber crime to create mass number and then go public. This strategy, although unethical is still very clever indeed.

Mark Brooks

Correct, she left. Rumor has it, mainly because her husband had an opportunity abroad.

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