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A complaint was already filled again Netlog ( Lorenz Bogaert ) at the belgium authorities.
Belgium competitors of Twoo ( like or nice-people ) are just too amateur to make the law respected.

A belgium company has already been condemned in the same case in the past. Just type these keyword in google 'huy bobon nice people peters'

David Evans

All of these sites will sell their first born for cheap traffic and signups. Nothing wrong with starting a site and being so desperate that you will do anything, legal or otherwise, to grow your userbase. Mark Pincus did really lame stuff getting Zynga off the ground, setting yet another example that being slimy is ok in the long run.

I'm starting to think the problem is not the plethora of lame social/dating hybrids, but the people using them. What the hell is wrong with us that we go to these sites?

I'd really like to know what the churn rate is for Twoo.


I found back the link:

I can scan the proof that there is a similar complain against Netlog if someone is interested.


Well, it's 2015 and no one seems to have done a thing about this. All my emails are "..not registered on Twoo" by their claim, but my friends receive invites in my name with my picture. Also the facebook app was deleted by me, now i even blocked it. They should be sued for impersonating another person, for starters, then spam. Their invite is ambiguous. What pissed me off was when they got a secret email that i use and I got an invite from me printed out from my hp laserjet.. with my picture on it. Hey, hp printer, I am asking you to join TWOO! Please give yourself a click on that button!!
They shouldn't be allowed to have so much intel about me.

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