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There is lots to be said here. For one thing, this site launched barely a year ago. Maybe less! I'm surprised at the sudden push to sell. Secondly, did her site really cost $250K to develop? And even if it did cost that much to develop, aren't sales (typically) based on value?


LOL this is a complete joke i feel back for the SUCKER who buys this site hahahahaa

Michael Allen

Includes the IPO? It's on the exchange?

Coach 13

Good question MAA. The site was built with an exit strategy in place. Janis has decided to sell early and focus all her skills on matchmaking that she has been doing for some time. The development cost is not the full value of the asking price. It includes a modest gesture of Good Will. We have a few thousand members acquired organically and are experiencing a 10% conversion from unique visits to the free membership. Our challenge is climbing the next hill and developing the premium model. We would rather outsource that and grow our matchmaking business to continue another generation.

Coach 13

The plan is to do an APO first, alternative public offering as revenues are to small for an IPO.


John, its a complete joke that when someone makes a deal such as we did, that same someone has his greedy hand out because he sees the potential. We made a deal for a flat fee and once you saw the potential, like others, you got greedy and asked for a piece of the action. In reality, your the joke my friend because you could not even keep your word. Try looking in the mirror and then tell me who is the joke. LOL.


And John, when I mentioned I would discuss your change of plans with the owner of OPW, you got all nervous and asked me not to mention it to him like a little baby. Wonder why you got all nervous? Maybe because you didnt want anyone to know you are an unethical, envious little man who must knock successful people down just because they are not afraid to put themselves out there. Your safe little life is a joke, not the fact that I am willing to take big risks for big profits and if I fail, have my head cut off. Try it sometime, you might like it instead of bashing others willing to fail to succeed. LOL the joke is on you my anti-semetic NY hater who called my partner a real diva and said things that I will not repeat on this forum. What a lack of creativity. How dare you comment on this forum. You have no right to run with the big dogs. Go back to the kennel and play with the puppies. LOL

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