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Mark Brooks

I understand OKCupid wanting to draw moderators from its userbase. That makes a lot of sense, despite privacy concerns. However I cannot comprehend them doing it without their opt-in? What am I missing?

Online Dating in several flavours

You can't over emphasise the importance of profile checking. It may be a chore but it's integral to the quality of the site.

Seems a bit odd to be simply notified that you've become a moderator but judging by the description in the article it appears this is a novel way of reducing the administrative overhead a little by weeding out the obvious undesireables, leaving the "can't tell" ones to more experienced moderators.


I find and report about 5 fake "widower" profiles on Match everyday. They're fairly easy to pick out and the profile is always gone within a day. I just wonder how these profiles get past the so called first line people that let them get put up to begin with? Who approves these ridiculously easy to spot fakes?

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