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Interesting panel discussion

Bowman said "Women on average get 300 emails per week and men get a 70% response rate and it’s a lot of work to date."

Well he's right on 2 of those. He's delusional if he thinks any man gets a "70% response rate" even the hottest, tallest, richest barely crack 30% if they're lucky.

"In 10 seconds if you know someone’s name you can go to LinkedIn and find out where they work. There is no privacy as soon as you know someone’s real name and city."

He's right, there's not even privacy if you just know their cell #. You can find out a whole lot just by Googling the smallest pieces of information that you know and putting them together. I've canceled dates after finding out a ton of info just from an email address or cell#.

Dan said "There are plenty of people who use dating sites specifically because they don’t want to meet friends of friends. They want to meet people who they have no friends in common and if all goes wrong it is completely insulated from their life.

He is correct for the most part but on Facebook people have hundreds of people they call "friends" but they're not really. They just may be someone who knows someone etc.... Never the less he's correct about the insulation. No one really wants to date a friend of a friend because when it all goes wrong you'll always have to hear about it etc.....

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