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LoveID Admin

And don't forget me Mark - is providing patent pending technology for daters that provides anonymous global communications using telephone, SMS and email. No second numbers or second email addresses to maintain. The user has complete control and can block anyone instantly.

Perfect of course for rock stars, cheating partners, famous actors, politicians, sugar mommies and daddies or any regular people who doesn't want the risk of being stalked or giving up their privacy.



What's going on is that calling has been hampered by poor User Experience.

Whether it's Twilio's decade-long call setup times; Jangl/Jajah's "hold your phone in one hand and PC in the other" level of integration; or with Apple's refusal to allow 3rd-party companies access to the calling app -- it's impossible to deliver phone calls that connect quickly and/or integrate seamlessly with the online experience.

What consumers want is simple: They want to talk to people with the same spontaneity as the old telephone chat lines, while seeing whom it is they are talking to.

This is the vision driving and with respect to the competitors mentioned I believe we are substantially closer to delivering on that demand than anyone else.

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