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The online dating and matrimonial sites are booming worldwide and they make a lot of profit along with matchmaking services involving a matchmaker. I have used a popular matrimonial site and there are individuals who lie about their age, height, looks, job, education, and other things in order to attract many people to correspond with them. The online sites for picking a marriage partner seems like a shopping mall to many people where they are picky about what they desire in a partner. Many women get rejected due to their looks while men get rejected by women for not having a pay paying job or status. Tall men reject short women and attractive females reject average men. People have become so picky that they want their Mr. Right or Ms Right on all categories and these people reject a lot of good people due to their high standards. Divorce is high in many western nations and these online sites had more to the bunch in the divorce cases. People need to be reasonable or realistic in their standards and realize that times have changed. There are going to be people who will lie in order to get married, get settled abroad, to use the men or women financially and dump them later on and so forth. There is a major reason why media worldwide do not report the statistics of divorce rate through online sites because it would hurt businesses of these sites and added these sites do not collect feedback from users that met their spouse through the sites. People need to use common sense as well as researching as much about the person through family, friends, and other means to get accurate information about the person. Do not rush into marriage due to family pressures, age pressure, pressure to have children soon, or any other pressure. Marriage is a huge lifetime commitment and it should be taken seriously.


People need to be honest with themselves when it comes to searching for the marriage partner. A man is not a designer suit where you can say the measurements, fabric, color, and so forth. A woman isn't a designer dress. People have humans and all humans have flaws. People have become so picky that they reject a lot of good people. The men and women these days have a perfect or ideal person in mind and fail to realize they aren't living in a fairy story, but in reality. There are men and women who become so picky with finding their ideal partner that they are aging and their families are upset for being super picky and prolonging the search. Women especially in the western nations are unwilling to relocate for marriage because they want to stay on their job, be with their family, and friends. The men want that supermodel type or trophy wife type to brag to their friends, family, and society. Families of the men and women a good number have become picky as well wanting the perfect son or daughter in-law and set high standards without realizing the negative consequences it does rejecting good candidates. There are men and women who do regret rejecting good people and they pay the price. One thing people should realize that marriage is Holy and it designed by God. God should be used a matchmaker and let him lead you to the right person. Unfortunately, it seems that the marriage divorce rate will keep ticking up due to feminism views, increase of cohabitation of couples who later marry, cheating/affairs, premarital relations, unrealistic expectations of partner, and so forth. The eastern nations divorce rates are going to be the mirror image of western nations divorce rates because many people don't know what God's definition of what marriage is and do not adhere to his rules.

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