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Sam Moorcroft,

We've been virtual for years now, ourselves. When our office lease was up for renewal back in 2012, we didn't renew it, as no one was going to the office much. I was there only a few times a year, myself.

Our servers are in the Cloud and image serving has been done that way for years, too. So, we're completely virtual. I just returned from a month in Brazil. We've had staff working in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, etc.

Our staff's average tenure is 12 years and we are so familiar, we can finish each other's sentences.


And that is how it's done!

Mark Brooks

One of the added benefits of using a distributed workforce is that turnover is less. People appreciate having the freedom to work from when and where they feel like it.

But distributed workforces need clear direction, and the mantra of the company should be clear, i.e. they should feel a clear sense of purpose. Then they stick around longer.

In the case of Courtland Brooks, we simply would not be able to exist as an office based team. Our clients wouldn't afford the costs of a traditional consultancy/agency. I knew we had to be a value-shop to do well.

We're into our 11th year now. And its simply because we provide unprecedented value and access to a world-class team that we've done so well for so long.


Very interesting stuff here. A workplace that's distributed demands that management is well-structured and is able to coach as well as monitor workplace activity. That's why remote teams work well in very small teams. Large teams need to give their workers a clear sense of purpose and way to communicate between each other effectively. Most of the remote teams I know had to meet each other face-to-face periodically, for example once a month.

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