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Investors don't care about morals. They care about making money and at the end of the day Ashley Madison makes money.

Marc Lesnick

On Wall Street, the adult business is generally where underwriters draw the line. That's why you see next to nothing on the NYSE that is adult oriented. Ashley Madison falls into a different area. While its not adult, it has strong moral and ethical issues associated with it. If underwriters in the UK are willing to take it on, then the finances of the company are what will matter in terms of the stocks performance. Continued growth and strong profits should produce a high valued stock. I've met the executives of AM at iDate conferences many-a-time. There is no doubt in my mind they are extremely astute business people at the end of the day.

Glenn G. Millar - VP Sales and Marketing White Label Dating

Yes, Wall Street shies away from anything unethical or where anyone is getting screwed . . . I almost wrote that with a straight face.

Mark Brooks

Its not going to attract institutional investors. Thats a severe shortfall in the underpinnings of a top tier stock and will increase its volatility. But Ashley Madison is used to being a wild ride I guess.

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