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This article fails to tell you what they were doing with the profiles. Is it a crime to have fake profiles? Is that what they did? Did they email people from fake profiles? If it's a crime to have fake profiles then every profile company out there that sells profiles will be in a world of shit. A lot of people buy dating profiles to make their site look busy and not empty. Is that a crime too?


David you may need to ask a lawyer, but I'd imagine that selling fake profiles would not be a crime if the data was not in breach of terms of service of anyone who had entered it. Buying dating profiles probably wouldn't be a problem if done legally either. However, accepting money based on fake profiles or fake messages probably is illegal. More difficult question is whether it's illegal to allow scammers from Nigeria to create fake profiles and send fake messages (thus the site doesn't have to create, buy, or manage the fake profiles personally).

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