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As this was summarized from the original article, I would have expected the word 'queer' to be edited out as it is offensive and perpetuates a hateful message.

I don't think you understand the term and or its reference in this article. In the Gay community the term "Queer" is used often and describes people in the "Gay" community. My Gay friends throw the word around about each other all the time. In fact there was even a TV show with the word "Queer" in its title (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy). It defines a Gay person and in the TV show it was about Gay guys helping straight men become more fashionable and what a great show it was.

This comment clearly shows that there are people that don't understand the word and continue to focus on the outgoing PC aspect of it. So in the end you either understand the word in its context or you grow thicker skin.

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