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100K to 1 million is quite a range. I'd add a color for 100K to 500K and change amber to > 500K to 1 million.

Would be great to have a list and keep it updated as the industry is changing pretty fast.

Would also be good to create a list of all the players in the dating industry and categorise: online/internet dating, brides, matchmaking, coaching, payment providers, affiliates, press, consultants, bloggers/authors, researchers, software vendors (or whatever the correct industry terms are).


+1 for Nick's comment. 100k to 1 million is a big group.

Mark Brooks

It's really a crap shoot on our assessment. We'll look at Similarweb numbers, and make a quick assessment. I'd love to add more layering, but I don't think we really have the insight on the private companies without having Comscore or Similarweb paid access. And it changes. We'd like to do the exercise once every couple years. Mainly it's mean as a very basic indication of scale. Using this gradiation makes the process easy and quick. If we can get access to more data, we'd be able to get a couple more gradiations in I think.

We do have a lot more categories here. See the research page for "News by Category" http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/news/research-and-reviews.html

Then we show...
Adult Dating
Billing Solutions
By Top Outlets
Dating Industry Statistics
Gay Dating
Investment Raises
Mobile Dating
Social Dating
Virtual Goods

Sounds like what you're saying is, it would be good to show the businesses broken up by category on the By Company page. Broadly speaking we could break it up by

Dating Services, PID (Premium International Dating), Matchmaking

What do you think?

It would also be handy to list the top companies in each city. We're working on that right now. In the form of a map. You'll find that very useful Nick.

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