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Mark Brooks

Looks like Badoo claims to have beaten Tinder to launching swiping. So, first - Tinder definitely holds the patent: See the second column.

Jonathan Badeen also claims, he invented swiping:

also this article claims it for Tinder:

On the other hand, Andrey Andreev claims, they invented it long before TInder and other apps started using it, for example in this article:

But he gives no details. The only way would be to get a version of the app from the "before Tinder" times.

He claims in the Forbes article, they introduced swiping on Hot or Not. The article says he bought Hot or Not in 2014, and than introduced swiping. Tinder launched in 2012 and was using the feature, plus the Tinder patent is from 2013.

BUT: It looks like Badoo had some sort of deal with Hot or Not since Spring 2012: Tinder launched that fall.

This Forbes article says Badoo bought Hot or Not in 2014 and tested the swiping on Hot or Not. But Tinder patented it in 2013, so, I think, it's quite clear who wins in this case.

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