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Maria A. P.

This is a great post, Mark, and it is mirroring how I have felt since hearing the news. Dating is such a private thing and Facebook's established intent is in juxtaposition with what is being proposed.

As a professional matchmaker, I'm curious if this will drive personal matchmakers even more business. When Tinder came out, we saw an influx of users opting for pricey matchmakers because there is a segment of the population that could not participate in modern dating trends like online dating and app dating.

If people threatened to delete their FB profile after the Cambridge Analytica debacle, I cannot imagine this going smoothly as it rolls out. Perhaps I am wrong. The kind of persona someone builds to be more marketable in online dating (and therefore get more likes, winks, and dates) is not the same person on Facebook, and rightfully so. I imagine privacy being the biggest concern when it comes to Facebook dating. Very curious to see how they'll navigate the complexity of a user's attachment style as it pertains to social media versus online dating.

As app dating has become the norm and over-saturation of dating apps have plagued the modern day single, more online dating companies become niche specific, usually revolving around lifestyle. Look at the successes of The League or Inner Circle and how they are curating an experience for educated and high net worth singles. Will Facebook have sub cultures within the dating app to respond to these demands from experienced online daters?

....let's see what happens, I suppose. I'll also begin to make note on my end how many people tell me in my office that they decided to google matchmaking after they heard the news about Facebook.



A few observations :

- Your comparaisons are interesting. But if I am not wrong the FB dating service will be free and this is a huge breaking point on dating market.
- FB has a huge set of datas and many ways to match peaople interests. I am sure that they will give pertinent match suggestions.
- In their demo, they talk about groups. I am sure that you will find many niched groups very quick.

PS : excuse my english if I made mistakes and please correct them for me :D

Mark Brooks

Thanks Maria. I'll add this to a white paper with the industry executive commentary and response. The paper comes out later today.

Glenn "Croc" Millar

Though you make very good points, no one ever got rich betting against Mark Zuckerberg. This was clearly not an overnight decision, nor one of desperation. They have obviously been planning this for a very long time. I think they are a serious force to be reckoned with.


This is extremely interesting. Probably just the right move for FB to make at this point as I find it clear that the platform was in need of something more value bringing, in order for people to spend more time there.

I am certain that this will be successful and the main reason is that they are separating the dating profile from your normal one. To match with people before you go to let's say a concert is quite brilliant. I also think matching with people within groups has a huge potential and will become very popular.

What implications will this have on the competition then? It will be massive and a game changer in the business, but it is difficult to foresee exactly what kind of gamechanger it will be.

The first thing we can adress here is that FB Dating will be free. This means the free services are the one that is going to be hit the hardest. The ones that will make it the best are the premium services, which adresses customers that have no problems at all paying some money for a good dating service. Others that also will be fine are niched services (whether it's age, ethnicity, interests etc).

Tinder on the other hand is generic and is probably the service that faces the most danger. People are likely to still use it, but the problem for Match Group is that ads only makes up for around 10 percent of it's revenue. And with FB offering a convenient service that, to be honest, is likely to have include everything included in Tinder, I doubt people are going to be as willing to pay for Tinder.

This raises a couple of questions regarding Tinder's business model. Can they raise the share of income they get from ads without worsening the user experience, what would that look like? Should they divide it so that paying users can only match with other paying users (and freebies with other freebies)? Perhaps even create a seperate app, Tinder+ (?), for those who pay?

Match Group will be affected greatly from this and Tinder might not be the go to place many of us have gotten used to it beeing by now. The uncertainty how they are going to encounter this move by FB is too big for owning shares of Match Group at this stage in my opinion. Match Group will probably present a good report next week and they will do what they can to calm investors during the conference call. But I am frankly surprised by the arrogance shown by representatives within the organisation, when commenting on Facebook Dating (US/Russia relations, the water is warm etc.).

This was my take on the situation. I am open for discussion and you have to remember my the thesis is based on the scenario that FB Dating will be successful, but I just know it will be (and quite rapidly too).

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