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Mark Brooks

I get what Match are doing here. They're cherrypicking a couple of matches from the Match subset of matches. By attaching a real human as a pseudo matchmaker they are creating 'halo effect' to increase the chances that people will follow up and attach to the matches.

But, there's just so much more to matchmaking. This doesn't really pay homage to the matchmaking industry IMHO.

Charlee Brotherton

This isn’t the first-time online dating have tried to replicate matchmaking. People will always get what they are paying for. Five dollars a week is matching someone at a very low level, with no vetting, which is no different then using algorithms. We have spent over 20 years matching thousands of couples around the country and there is no quick and easy magic button to press to match two people for a long- term committed relationship. Good luck to Match, but realistically this is just an additional upsell to Match's smorgasbord of membership plans and not close to personalized, professional matchmaking.

Mark Brooks

Perhaps Match can form an expert system for compatibility profiling by modeling the best of the current thinking in compatibility profiling in the context of paired relationships. It would be a good idea for matchmakers to use such a system. I think the magic happens when such a system is paired with a matchmaker who has put some time into getting to know a client, heard their feedback, coached them through date experiences. That knowledge is impossible to model. I think the ultimate system is AI + a matchmaker delivering the matches, giving advice and post-date feedback. That's worth spending serious money on if the outcome is an improved chance of not getting divorced (and having a separated family). Also, I think there's an opportunity to keep providing services post-match. is proving this out wonderfully in India with wedding photography services. I think it takes this kind of thinking to expand on what Internet dating + matchmaking + ongoing coaching could be. A marriage made in heaven. :-)

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