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Dean Mericka

The State of Illinois's Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) was unanimously passed by the Illinois State Legislature in 2008. BIPA applies to the collection, processing and storing of biometric data from retina or iris scan, fingerprints, voiceprints, hand geometry, or the face. Since 2008, many companies, including one of my former employers, was sued in Illinois under a Class Action lawsuit. While, I encourage anyone interested in Biometric Privacy to seek the expert advice from Legal professionals, I can offer my views on how Dating companies (and for that matter, any company or government) can comply with BIPA and potentially avoid costly legal and reputation damages. From my viewpoint, Organizations must do three things: (1) secure End-user consent for their biometric data to be collected, processed and stored. This can be done with a end-user notification and acceptance button inside of any web or mobile app. (2) Provide End-users with access to the Organization's Data Privacy, Retention and Use Policy. This can be done with a hyperlink to the Organization's website. (3) Provide Users with a convenient way to request that their data be deleted.

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