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Ross Williams

Thanks for covering this area Mark - we've had a lot of success with another offline matchmaker Dateline who runs an online dating site with us at and I think there is a great opportunity for online dating companies to help generate leads for these offline matchmakers.


Unfortunately I am not being very lucky with Searchmate, honestly cannot understand that after paying a minimum of £445 and max of over £1300, it still may take them months to get back to me with a new profile, and if this does not suit my requirements, it may take at least another month to hear from Sourchmate again, and all this "lack of" service for an average of £40 a month, I could do a better job, the only thing they need to do is do a search in their computer documentation, they are supposed to be experienced staff on this matter, for what they charge, they should be offering better service, more often, and more accurate. Not happy at all, I will not extend my membership. If I were you, I would not bother to ask for a consultation, they sell very well, then good-bye.


I had a very bad experience with Searchmate & wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Very nice staff before I made a payment. And the tone in their voices changed once the payment was made. Persuaded into take up the £1,300 membership & all I got was rubbish. No suitable match & taking ages between matches. When I phone to require if there is anything for me. All I got was "be patient" and time went by.
I lost my £1,300 & got no single match at all. Beware. It's all scam!!!


Watch out!!!
This is all scam! I agree with you guys. They charge very high fees & never look into the client's plight.
If you are Black or Asian that's a No go site for you!
I was treated like a 2nd class citizen & my money went to waste. I kept phoning inquiring about the progress till I was told off by one staff member who told me to go & hang if I'm not happy with their service! Pathetic. These are a bunch of thieves! Dont fall in this scam!


Same experience, took them months to get back to me with a profile, and they were poor matches! Did they listen to my criteria.......

Like the lady above it another month goes past.....

Great sales pitch 'lots of ladies looking for a man like yourself.......

Then 'you must be patient!!

6 months and nothing!!!



This is how natural selection works. If you are an idiot to pay thousand bucks for an obvious scam you shouldn't have an offspring.


I also fell for this company's scam to the tune of nearly two thousand pounds. They were very convincing and apeared professional and I fell for it. Hope something can be done so that more trusting individuals don't fall for this.


I fell for the ' personal matchmaker 'line at Searchmate too. Paid £2500 , I've had one dreadful date in a year. Several of the profiles sent to me, the agency had NOT even met the men, just taken their profiles of the internet and telephone interviewed.. so much for a personal service. If you don't fit in a convenient box on their tick list forget it. My advice is to avoid this agency and invest the money in Premium Bonds !


I have been threatened with Libel by SearchMate for posting my Reviews re their dubious dating service and for mentioning how they probably are'DUPING'others?

The Truth is this...
I had no personal interview.
I was never truly vetted.

And here is the really worrying thing for all you Ladies out there who maybe thinking of joining themselves.

SearchMate had no ID photograph of myself... be it a Passport or a Driving Licence??? but they still took my monies and signed me up.

They are legally represented by...
Moseley Champan & Skemp Solicitors


Typo error soz!!!

That was...

MoseleyChapman and Skemp Solicitors

Take care :-)

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